You can fix ANYTHING with baling twine…

You can fix anything with baling twine…it just doesn’t look that great!  This is the door to my chicken coop.  Chicken coop twine

Thirteen years of use can wear chicken wire out–but don’t fear, we have baling twine!  Today I decided to fix the door because the twine kept catching on a rock and my shoe and the chickens who tried to escape when I go in.Chicken coop wire

I’m not sure it looks better but at least it is all the same color!  And it won’t catch anymore.  Mission accomplished.

A random heifer decided to inspect my work, along with Buck, our fallow deer.  The chickens inspected as I worked to make sure I was doing it right.  Chicken coop heifer

I keep chickens mostly because I love the fresh eggs.  It isn’t the cheap way to get eggs, in case anyone was wondering, but you can’t beat the taste of scrambled (or fried or poached) eggs that are fresh from the hen-house!Chicken coop setty Buff

Every spring, one or two hens will get “setty” and want to collect eggs and set (incubate the eggs).  This year it is one of my Buff Orpingtons.  She pecks me every time I gather the eggs from underneath her. But I don’t keep a rooster so her efforts would be fruitless.  Or chick-less.  Anyway, my coop door is fixed, trash around it cleaned up and life is good. So much for a Saturday on the farm!


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