Welcome to our farm!

Happy Birthday to Dot!

Meet Dot.  She is a Dutch Belted milk cow who was born on our farm.  When she was born on April 4, 2013, my husband snapped this picture of her and sent it to me beause it is unusual for a Dutchie to have a spot in the middle of her “Oreo creme filling” (and we love unusual things around here).   She is very recognizable in our herd.

Dairy Dot 10938

A few weeks ago, I was coming home from the grocery store and I noticed a familiar face in the corral behind our home.  There was Dot just hanging out with her friends.

Dots photo

She was awaiting the birth of her second calf (he was born on February 19 and I missed getting his photo).  Today Dot is in Pen 10 of the Milking Cow Corrals doing her dairy-milk-cow-thing every day!


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